About therapy OU may have had therapy or counselling before, or it may be an entirely new experience for you. In either case, the prospect of therapy, or more therapy, with an unknown therapist may be quite daunting, especially if you are already feeling emotionally unsteady. Therapy is a joint endeavour. We meet for 50 minutes at the same time and day each week. You can bring to each session whatever is most on your mind. My aim is to provide a safe, confidential space for you to talk; to listen with an open ear to your concerns and difficulties; and to engage with you without being judgmental, blaming or rejecting. I also aim to help you call to mind some of your less accessible memories, wishes and impulses – so that we can think about them together in the sessions. This may help you adapt from recurrent patterns of behaviour and thought which are restrictive or harmful to you. In other words, the difficulties or “presenting problems” that have brought you to therapy may have underlying causes that are hidden from view. Therapy may help you to be more accepting of the various aspects of yourself, and more able to cope with the demands of relationships with others. Diversity I also aim to adopt an accepting approach when engaging with areas of difference such as race, culture, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, class, disability and age. Initial Contact After you contact me by email or phone, I will call you back for an initial discussion, in confidence. We can then decide together whether it would be helpful for you to meet with me for an initial consultation. At the initial consultation we can discuss your current problems, and the possibility of further sessions.
Tel: 07891 218 621
Andrew Littlejohns