LIFE is unpredictable, and at each stage of life we are faced with new challenges - in terms of our own development and our relationships with others.   Changes in our circumstances can force us to confront familiar patterns of behaviour, or they may create entirely new problems for us to deal with. Sometimes it seems that everyone else is resilient and can cope, but not us. We may also feel perplexed at the way we react to these changes and challenges - in other words, our own reactions may seem chaotic or confused. And we may feel that we are not truly understood by those around us.  Seeking professional help to understand the roots of these issues can be the first step towards positive change.  I am a qualified psychotherapist based in Farringdon, London, EC1. I offer a confidential and non-judgmental environment in which we can discuss and explore your concerns together.   You can email or telephone me for a preliminary discussion, in confidence and without obligation. If we both feel I can be of help, we can arrange an initial consultation.  In the meantime, you can find out more about me, my practice and what you can expect from psychotherapy by following the links at the top of the page.  Andrew Littlejohns
struggling to hold things together, life feels precarious periods of low mood, feeling distant from friends and disengaged from activities feeling anxious a lot of the time, over- analysing problems, giving up too early on projects, lack of self-esteem ongoing relationship problems with no apparent explanation feeling stressed from recent life-changes; feeling sad and isolated depressed, angry and frustrated following the ending of a sexual relationship unsure, guilty or confused about sexuality or sexual feelings plummeting at small setbacks and getting tense and nervous mood swings, lack of motivation, not feeling in control of life getting panic attacks, and feeling stressed, anxious and sad difficulties in a relationship with a parent, feeling guilty all the time problems at work, pressure from colleagues, managers or clients
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Andrew Littlejohns